Sports Party Ideas: Chocolate Pizza & Peanut Butter Wings

Hosting a sports-themed event is always a great idea. Whatever game is displayed on the TV, from the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup Finals or even watching a favorite college team, is cause for celebration. So call up some friends, invite them over and incorporate a few of the following ideas into your next sports-themed get-together.

The great thing about a sports party is that you don’t really have to plan out any entertainment, as the game is all you really need. Food, on the other hand, definitely is something that needs your attention. For an easy but spectacular dessert, consider something that truly goes with any sporting event such as pizza and wings but with a little twist. You can order Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings online from Chocolate Pizza Company, and they’ll ship it right to your house and pack your Chocolate Pizza in a real pizza box for a cool presentation.

At Chocolate Pizza Company, each “pie” is handmade and begins with the creation of a crust that combines English toffee and chocolate, either dark or milk. This mixture is poured into a pizza pan and then you can choose from a variety of toppings or opt for a plain pizza with an artistic splash of white chocolate. If you prefer some extra crunch, top off the pizza with nuts or perhaps an assortment of candy. Don’t forget to add a tub or two of Peanut Butter Wings, which are crispy potato chips coated with creamy peanut butter and then dipped into melted milk chocolate.

Of course, you will need to serve a bit more than Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings, but fortunately game-day fare tends to be pretty simple and straightforward. A giant buffet with sandwich fixings is an easy idea, and you can set out bowls of chips and dip to go along with it. You also could stick with a variety of finger foods, which are easy to carry around on a plate and eat as you watch the game. You also could pair up your Chocolate Pizza with traditional style pizzas and a platter of chicken wings.

For the drinks, keep it simple with a selection of beers as well as bottled water, soda and perhaps some wine. If you wish to do cocktails, consider something easy like pitchers of margaritas or maybe a spiked punch. If there are kids around, be sure to have some fun options for them to enjoy.

A few fun decorations can be cool, such as balloons featuring your favorite team’s logo or perhaps sports banners. Paper plates and napkins with the sports theme also are available from any party supply store. If you wish to have entertainment aside from the game on TV, such as something to occupy the kids, consider setting up a big screen in another room and showing a movie. Board games, play dough and art supplies also can be set out to occupy younger guests.

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