All About Thai Cuisine Las Vegas

In the Asian world, probably one of the most well loved cuisines would be Thai food as Thai food combines authentic spices that result in amazing tastes that appeal to pretty much everyone. So for those who do not know about thai cuisine las vegas, then here is a list of dishes to try out. These are some of the best dishes known in the menu.

Tom Yang soup, being one of the signature dishes deserves top mention here as it is a dish that everybody definitely loves. It is a spicy soup dish that has a savory and sour taste and is filled with a lot of seafood and vegetables. Both its taste and its aroma captivates people from all around the world since it is a colorful combination of different kinds of tastes.

Of course if one has to been to any Thai restaurant, then he will definitely be familiar with the dish known as Pad Thai. For those who are not familiar with this, it is a noodle dish filled with flat noodles, tofu, bean sprouts and peanuts. What makes this dish quite unique is that it combines both some savory taste with a pinch of sweetness.

Som Tam is yet another very popular dish that can be found in the menu. This is basically a noodle dish that has a very interesting combination of chicken that has some green papaya shredded inside. Because of the green papaya, there would be a rather sweet and sour taste that can be found in this dish.

Everyone loves curry but the Thai type of curry is a different kind that is unlike any of the normal curry that most people are used to. The Thai curry is colored green and is known to be the spiciest one as compared to the very popular Indian curry. This is also known to have a very exotic taste along with very delicious vegetables and chicken.

For those who love to drink soup, then one of the best there is would be Tom Kaa Gai. It is a mix of coconut milk along with some sliced ginger and the main ingredient known as lemongrass. Because of the combination, this soup would give off a bit of a sweet and at the same time tangy taste that is unique to most people.

Now if one would want a light snack that can be eaten in a hawker store, then he would probably want Khao Man Gai. Khao Man Gai is pretty much just like the very famous Asian dish known as Hainanese chicken rice but is known to have more flavor and more kick. It is much spicier than its Hainanese and Singaporean counterpart as has a tad bit more flavor.

So as one can see, Thai cuisine would have a lot of very interesting dishes to eat from. If one would really want to try out these dishes, then it is suggested that he visit a very authentic restaurant. He may be able to find one in Las Vegas, NV as there are a lot of Thais that move there to do business.

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