Easy Tips For Italian Food And Wine Pairing

Many people fear that they will make a mistake when it comes to Italian food and wine pairing. The good news is that if you follow a few tips and secrets, you will get it right each time. It is actually not as difficult as many make it out to be.

There are some basic tips to get your started. Of course once you begin to experiment and learn more, you will be able to make other choices. The following are just some simple pairings that go well together. The right one will complement the dish that you are serving, rather than compete with it.

Sweet desserts need a sweet drink. Think about a Riesling. This can be served with any of the luscious desserts from this cuisine.

If you are serving a meal with a heavy sauce, you will want to choose a rich red to go with it. Casseroles are also wonderful when served with a rich red. This type will go with many dishes that are common in this cuisine. Serve it with lasagna, or pasta with a hearty meat sauce.

Light white will go with light dishes. Soups that are not spicy, delicate fish and salads will all go well with this choice. An example of a light white would be Pinot Grigio. At the other end of the scale you have a Chardonnay which would go with stronger flavors. Soups that are spicy, substantial salads, fish and poultry that have strong flavors.

One more category is dessert, for that one would look for a dessert type such as, Riesling. It pairs well with sweet flavors. As you can see, italian food and wine pairing involves thinking about the type of meal that you are serving and match the drink accordingly.Hearty flavors with hearty vino and light with light. This gets easier the more that you do it. Soon you will be a pro.

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