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NYC Best Chinese Restaurants

Chinese dining in New York is among the highlights any visitor should experience. If you want to consider family friendly Chinese restaurants in New York, there is a great list to choose from that you will not find it even in the best New York City hotel guide. All our suggestions provide a actually immersive Asian experience.

Chinatown Brasserie

Frequently credited for having the best Szechuan in Manhattan, the Chinatown Brasserie is one of the top places to find Chinese family friendly dining in New York. Found at 380 Lafayette Street (note: not in Chinatown essentially), you will find great Dim Sum, affordable prices and a big menu to choose from. The atmosphere has a high end feel, and many reviewers have called it clean and snug. The service is fast and understood to be particularly helpful, which is always useful when you have youngsters!

Flor De Mayo Restaurant

If you are looking for family friendly Chinese food in New York with a smile, then come to Flor De Mayo Restaurant. Located right in the heart of Broadway at 2651 Broadway you will find some of the best food in New York. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal in a clean normal setting. The staff is quick and the service is excellent. This eatery is offered by many as one of the best family friendly Chinese restaurants in New York.

Hop Lee

Another top option for Chinese family friendly dining in New York is Hop Lee Bistro, located at 16 Mott St, 1. Hop Lee has an abnormally high rating on Urban Spoon at 96% (most we see are at about 65%). This is a local favorite, known not only for the wonderful decor, but also the savoury Cantonese food. This is not the normal Americanized Chinese food, but a really authentic experience. That isn't work for some families trying to find the more common variety Strip Mall-Chinese food, but the indulgent portions, local setting and reasonable prices should make the risk worthwhile. For those reasons and more, we decided to include Hop Lee in the list of great family friendly Chinese food in New York.

The Red Egg

Found at 202 Centre St 1, The Red Egg is a unique Chinese dining experience supplying a blending of Chinese and Peruvian cooking. They offer you a Dim Sum menu, a Tiny Plates menu, and a Chinese menu with a great variety of choices at cost-effective prices. It is noted as among the preferred places in the city, but the service has received mixed opinions (good and bad) from some of the more popular bistro review sites. For detailed info visit.

Jeff Myers has had an interest in asian restaurants in nyc for many years. He has written many articles about this topic, including short lived histories and the top most engaging facts. For more info about new york asian restaurants please feel free to visit

Campsite Cooking tips

Camping is a summer selection, yet outside cooking can be troublesome if you don’t have the right campfire food preparation instruments. The old standby of sausages on a stake gets old if your camping for more than one night. However, with the following campground food preparation techniques, you can turn out fantastic tasting exquisite lunches for your household members.

Necessary Campfire Products

To actually get the job done, you’ll require much more than a couple of stakes. Grilling over open flames calls for a couple of certain cooking products that will help you cook up the best meals feasible.

Tripod: A strong, folding tripod can be very helpful when preparing evening meals over a campfire. With a well-built one, you can simply hang canisters or pots over the flames or even roast clumps of meat.

Campfire Grill: This is only a grill that has legs to ensure that you can set it up over the embers right after your fire has decreased a bit. It is remarkably like cooking food on a barbecue grill, but can also be employed as an assistance for pots and pans.

Aluminum Foil: Get the heavy duty option and you can utilize it for anything from forming your own pan covers to covering meals for preparing food in the coals. You could have done cooked potatoes by doing this prior to, however you can really prepare a huge assortment of dishes in aluminum foil folders to keep the moistures in.

Heavy Pot: Unless you wish to get lavish, you mainly need to have one good pot for creating meals. Make it a big bottom one and you can use it as a fry pan in a pinch. You need to ensure that the pot weighes enough to endure direct heat from the flames. Cast iron is normally terrific, though not really useful if you are backpacking, as it could be really cumbrous.

Pie Iron: These unique cooking equipment let you press and barbecue 2 slices of bread with filling to make a “pie.” While not an important part of equipment, pie irons make great memories and fantastic snacks.

Campsite Cooking Suggestion

Food preparation over a campfire is anything but easy in the beginning. The heat will not be even and you might find that it takes longer to obtain up to the desired temperature than you ‘d like. Nevertheless, as soon as you understand the basics, it can be very fulfilling.

If you’re unfamiliar to the world of outdoor food preparation, you need to start with lunches that are not extremely complexed. Soup, boiled or roasted veggies and so on are fantastic for getting used to the styles of campfire cooking.

The Campfire

Keep the fire smaller. You do not need to have a large blaze to make your dinner. In fact, you will improve results if you keep the fire fairly little, just large enough for the grill you plan to use. If you are planning on cooking in foil, make sure the fire is large enough to fit every thing you want to cook.

Dig in the coals. Flames are not extremely predictable and similar to barbecuing in your home, you really wish to use the heat from the coals. You can dig a shallow fire pit and build the fire in it so that you have a nice bed of hot coals once the whole thing has actually burned down. This makes it simpler to place a grill or pot on top.

If you would like to read more articles about camping cooking tips then you can visit our site about camping.

Coloured Sweet Rice in Yunnan, China

Today’s Friday’s Featured Food comes from China once again. We know how much the Asians love their rice, but how about some special coloured rice with sugar added to it? Throw in a walk to some gorgeous waterfalls called Jiulong, near Luoping in the Yunnan Province and you’re sorted. Here’s a bit about Chinese sweet coloured rice.

Whereabouts can you get Chinese coloured sweet rice?

Yunnan Province is one part of China that this exists in. If you see it, buy it and try it as it may be a long time before you find the same type of food again. I tried it the very first time I seen it, that was only a few weeks ago while visiting the Jiulong Waterfalls near Luoping in China’s Yunnan Province.

This type of Chinese rice is very different to the normal type. It is hot, sweet (lots of sugar) and comes in many colours!

How much does Chinese sweet coloured rice cost?

Well since it’s from a market stall, it will be cheap. Don’t expect to pay any more than around 5 Chinese Yuan (RMB) for a serving!

Sampling the excellent sweet coloured rice in China is really recommended.

In terms of taste, what’s this Chinese rice like?

I have to say I loved it and scoffed it quickly. Rice itself is very flavourless to me, but the added sugar made it tasty and sweet. I’m not sure what e-numbers are in it, as they need to get the colours from somewhere but the taste was great! Really worth trying. The colours of the rice were turquoise, pink, yellow and purple.

How cool is travelling in China?

This is the world’s most populated country and it is a gem of a place to travel around. All you need is a backpack, a guidebook and a sense of wonder! It’s a great place for backpacking and getting away from the crowds.

Make sure you get China on your itinerary and try the fantastic sugary sweet rice when you hit up the Yunnan Province. It has to be tried.

To find more articles like sweet coloured rice head to the world’s best travel blog by Jonny Blair which features endless travel tips and advice.

Kermit Supports the Wounded Warrior Project

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe bears pride in yet again backing up the Defending Freedom Warrior Weekend Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. The event can be traced back 7 years since its initiation, and was created by the Complete Parachute Solutions company, which deals in the production of high-tech parachutes for both defense contractors and the military. One of the best facilities for Skydiving can also be found within the area’s limits.

Between the dates 17th and 20th of April, Warrior Weekend will use the opportunity to express gratitude to more than 40 national heroes, who have been injured, by providing them with an unforgettable experience. These brave heroes will receive just the recognition they deserve throughout the whole period of their stay, from when they get their Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe gift basket, to their departure in 3 days.

The great weekend experience will begin on Thursday, with a barbecue event, and notably – Kermit’s Key Lime Pie. Friday morning will place the start of the next great event called the Skydive Boogie, where the Warriors have the chance of jumping together with people from the Special Forces. The public will have access to this event, and there will be yet another barbecue event, where the veterans will be warmly greeted by officials from DeLand. As the crowd loudly cheers, there is no greater pleasure than seeing the brave veterans reach the drop zone, knowing that they are appreciated.

Friday evening is packed with excitement as well, when the Rotary Club of Downtown DeLand and Mainstreet DeLand Association host the Downtown DeLand Block Party. There is an abundance of things prepared just to show our appreciation for the great Warriors, and these things include yet another marvelous barbecue, specially backed up by Kermit’s barbecue sauces and seasonings, and many other great things to entertain the guests of honor.

The guys and girls will get a few hours of sleep, and then early Saturday morning the event that follows is the Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament at Pelican Bay Country Club in Daytona Beach. There will be more than one surprise to astonish you throughout the tournament, such as the various distractions provided by Kermit’s, which will appear after playing a given hole. There will be a lot of fun and silliness going on during this tournament, even though it will be graced by some of the most serious golfers out there.

For more information about The World of Key West Key Lime visit:

Tea Factory Visit – Dambatenne

In Sri Lanka, tea is the national drink. Well it has to be! Every day almost every nationality in the world will sip a liquid that was made from leaves grown here in the mysterious hills of Sri Lanka. I made the trip to the valleys and hills at Haputale in Sri Lanka to the impressive Dambatenne Tea Factory, opened by Thomas Lipton over 100 years ago. It is currently a source of tea for Scottish based company Lipton Tea amongst other worldwide tea companies and distributors. All the tea is grown locally here in the gorgeous mountains and valleys of Sri Lanka’s inland region.[]

The Dambatenne Tea Factory is actually up in the mountains at Haputale and hard to get to. If you are an avid tea drinker, I assure you however that it is worth the trip!

Getting to Dambatenne Tea Factory

It’s not going to be easy to get there. There are no rail or bus links directly, so your best bet is to get to the mountain village of Haputale first and get a local bus over to Dambatenne. Tuk tuks/three wheelers are also available. You can also go with a tour group. A local driver was my preferred option and worked a treat. []

How much does it cost to visit Dambatenne Tea Factory?

It’s a simple 250 Rupees fee payable at the door and in cash only. There might be a slight delay to wait until one of the workers is available to show you around but it will be worth it – this place is off the beaten track!

How long does a tour of the Dambatenne Tea Factory last?

Your tour will be split into three main parts and should take around 25 minutes:

1. A visit to the rooms upstairs where the tea arrives in from. They are put into machines to begin the refining process.

2. Visiting the downstairs room where the tea goes through different levels of refining and is eventually left out to rest before being heated.

3. Lastly all the tea will be heated then let to cool. Once cooled, it goes into bags to be distributed around the globe!

You can’t take photos inside during parts 2 and 3 which is fine as it’s their system. The staff will all be working hard in the background so it’s important to respect that. The opening hours of the tours seemed to be 9-5 but double check before you visit.

What else can you do on the tour?

The tour is short and once it’s over that’s you done! Yes really there is no restaurant, cafe or tea room to even have a sample of the Sri Lankan tea. Your only consolation will be being able to buy a packet of Dambatenne tea direct from the factory in a small box.

The packet of tea cost 300 Rupees and that’s the Dambatenne stuff. However the better tea called Simondou costs a whopping 1,100 Rupees! You can also buy them in the nearby towns of course.

What else can you do near to the Dambatenne Tea Factory?

It’s such a mountainous region so there are four other things to do which is best done with a driver:

1. Marvel at the epic mountain views

2. Walk at leisure round the endless tea plantations on the hills

3. Have a cup of tea with a great view over the landscape

4. Go to the town of Haputale which has hotels, shops, an ATM and markets

I was just trying to see if the post could be stretched out any more and extra details added, but basically like I said, it’s a short and basic tour and that’s really all there is to it. If you have any questions on it, do leave a comment below or get in touch. They don’t even have their own website, despite the enormity of their production, and for once I’m not even going to bother linking to a site about it!

OK it’s tea time!

To find more articles like Sri Lanka Tea Factory head to Jonny Blair’s magnificent site on his Travel lifestyle for more tips and anecdotes.

Why you need to Have A Look At Mornington Peninsula Tours

Trying to find a great place to go to? Then, I request you to have a look at one of the best wineries in Melbourne area. Just take some time to check out this article if you want to get more info.

Mornington Peninsula is home to over 50 of the most extremely impressive wineries around Melbourne. Its gentle maritime local weather gives a distinct top quality character to its wine beverages.

The wines produced within the area include supreme pinot noir and chardonnay, along with Riesling, Shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and some other noteworthy varieties. The area takes pride in not only their outstanding cool climate wine drinks, but also rich olive groves along with sweeping views within the valley.

Wine tours Mornington Peninsula is really a contemporary wine country an hour or so south of Melbourne. There are over 50 wineries with cellar doors as well as some beneficial sights across Port Phillip and Western Port bays. With its maritime climate and red volcanic soils, different bottles of wines are made like Pinot Noir and Shiraz along with the lesser recognised Viogner and Pinot Gris.

With the earliest European settlement getting right on the Mornington Peninsula, it has turned out to be one of the historical locations of Victoria with memorabilia and furniture inside Military at Point Nepean. With nearly every village becoming quarters to art and craft galleries, the Mornington Peninsula has been referred to as Australia’s and Victoria’s largest antique centre. With collections which commence from Napoleonic history to modern art, there is a wide range to suit all individualities and interests.

Visitors to Melbourne attempting to experience the actual wine tours in Mornington Peninsula have a number of excursions to select from. In fact, there are some wineries you can experience taking a visit even through horse back. You’ll be able to stop and enjoy a number of the very best wines readily available while enjoying the breathtaking and magnificent views.

The Mornington Peninsula produces a vast array of good quality wines. There are plenty of professional wine tours operating within the country where the wine makers can be accessed through chat. They could recommend which wines are essentially the best to try and purchase!

As a final note, a trip to Mornington Peninsula wine tours over the coast of Victoria is an experience to consider. Filled with gorgeous views, native wildlife as well as Mornington Peninsula vineyards, it’s a must for everybody to go to Victoria. If you’re serious to go to this region, don’t hesitate to look into the website below.

Mornington peninsula wineries – go to this hyperlink right now for the best winery adventure.

Drinking in Antarctica

You can drink alcohol in Antarctica and so I’m giving you my top 6 places to have a beer on the ice cold continent of superlatives! There is a bar in Antarctica, there is even a Happy Hour! This is a top six to wet your appetite for a drink when you head down south…

1. Drinking in Antarctica: On Antarctic land

OK so strictly speaking this is illegal as you should take only water with you on your treks. But on our last landing in Antarctica, myself and 5 others all took a drink each onto the land to toast to our amazing trip. We chose either wine or beer and burst them open by some rocks near the Henry Arctowski Polish Station at Admiralty Bay on King George Island. It is probably the best place I have ever had a beer. Just there in the wilderness with penguins in behind. A must for drinking in Antarctica!

2. Drinking in Antarctica: Out on Deck!

With snowstorms on board the boat and epic views of the landscape, while cruising down the cold continent I can’t think of anything better to do than have a beer and admire the views. A great place to relax – even if it is freezing! At least you won’t have to keep your beer cold!

3. Alcohol in Antarctica – Happy Hour at the bar on the boat!

This is perfect for the backpacker, if you’re on a tight budget then happy hour is a good way to save money on the boat. There is no need to drink any alcohol after happy hour, just get the cocktails in nice and early and sit back and relax. You can stare out the window at a land of white. Just an amazing travel experience.

- The Lounge Bar was open from around 4pm – 7pm and had a Happy Hour from 5pm – 6pm. Every day they had a different quirky featured cocktail (e.g. Gentoo Delight, Antarctic Sunrise, Snowstorm etc.).

- The Polar Bear Bar was open from around 8pm until closing time (whenever you wanted to stop drinking)

Alcohol was also available at dinner, served to you in the onboard restaurant, everything you ordered was added to your bill. There was no payment accepted in cash as far as I remember, they just added everything to your bill and you paid at the end of the trip. Be careful not to get too happy though, as even Happy Hour in Antarctica is more expensive than what you are used to!

4. Alcohol in Antarctica – take your own booze

To save money and still manage a drink on your Antarctica cruise, buy your own alcohol. Buy it while you are staying in Argentina and carry it on board with you!

5. Having a drink in Antarctica: Vernadskiy Station Bar

OK this could well be a regret in life, but on our trip we just didn’t make it to the bar or even to the actual Ukrainian Vernadskiy Station, which not only has a cool bar but even makes its own hot pepper Vodka (I’m not even kidding). The Vernadskiy Research Station is the longest continually running one on the entire continent. It was the British that put the pub there when they owned it!!! We were caught up in a crazy snowstorm off the coast of Petermann Island, and seeing an Argentine Research Station from the boat was the closest we got to the set of Argentine Islands where the Vernadskiy Station sits.

6. Drinking in Antarctica: A Pint at the South Pole

This would be the ultimate planet earth beer, and we didn’t go that far, but it can be done. It’s costly to get to the South Pole and if you do make it and manage to acclimatise, you will be pleased to know you can have a celebratory tipple, or if you really want to be a cheapskate, bring your own! There was a beer shipped out there last year called Pole Axed!

Imagine having a beer at the South Pole!

So that’s the 6 best ways to have a drink in Antarctica! Safe travels to the cold continent!

For endless stuff like Drinking in Antarctica visit Don’t Stop Living, the lifestyle site of Jonny Blair for endless tales and advice.. Also published at Drinking in Antarctica.

The Right Way To Have Understanding On Southern Michigan Wine

Wines are always been part of the history. Back in the time of the ancestors, these fermented fluids were turned into beverage which brings numerous effects within the body which was loved by numerous. Kings and queens provided the very best wines among their constituents in parties. Wine beverages have been used as gifts on birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies and house warming celebrations. Genuinely, the role of wines in man’s life is definitely needed. This is the main reason why wine companies have been noticeable throughout history. These businesses have prospered and it will continue to develop and also serve the very best wines for their clients.

Today, one of the best wines is the Southern Michigan Wine. In the entire Michigan, it was projected that there were around 112 vineyards during 2007. This is due to the wide vineyards that are seen all over it. Southern Michigan has been famous because of the production of sweet wines which has been favored by many in the history. Almost all of its wines are generally composed of grapes that produce the fruity smell and flavor. This area generously made two kinds of wines namely the fruit and ice wine. Ice wine is a kind of beverage that’s produced through freezing the fruit while still on vine and then harvest comes after. Due to unpredictable weather, this kind of wine is actually pricey. Harvesting it frozen is a game of luck. Apart from ice wine, a different type of wine is definitely the fruit wine. Aside from grape wine, Southern Michigan wine companies has produced beverages from apple and cherry. Actually, Michigan is among the top suppliers of fruit wines across the United States.

The passion for drinking wines and also generating it hasn’t died. There are actually good reason why is it so. Probably the most frequently heard reasons why everyone loves drinking this beverage is its leisure effect. For a few, they have a sip or perhaps two right before going to bed in order for these people to doze off to sleep. Somebody in the tub or reading a book can also have a very good experience of wine drinking. There are a few contradictory claims to this because certain states that having only a couple of sips makes them more active. The effect of wine on the body is a case to case basis. Relaxation it provides is exactly what many people acquired.

It’s customary too to provide wines during celebrations. It has been regarded as an aid to bring sparks to a party or even gatherings. People can unwind and release inhibitions if there are actually wine beverages. Once an individual had a drink, a feeling of tension or even holding back will certainly disappear. During events and also special occasions, it is usually used as a means of toss. Generally, toss is recognized as an act of good luck and well-wishing for that celebrant. Birthdays, wedding ceremonies or even any kind of event always use the act of toss to emphasize a celebration or to channel concentration on a vital person. Many different types of wine beverages are served during gatherings with different alcohol content amounts. It is best to provide your guests with options as to what kind of wine beverages they desired to drink.

Several Southern Michigan clients seen that drinking wine provides numerous health benefits. Usually, drinking instantly denotes something negative without recognizing that it may also bring advantages to one’s health. Although, excessive drinking and when you get addicted into it, it may be bad. Modest wine drinking could be beneficial to one’s body. Studies show that the presence of wine in the body dilates the veins that will help prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure. It is also great for one’s heart also it aids in preventing illnesses that are related to it. It only becomes unsafe when it is used excessively. Drinking an excessive amount of it will cause a person to have troubles with balance and coordination. This may also affect one’s thinking and also judgment abilities. These days, several mishaps are linked to too much consumption of alcohol based drinks.

As said before, wine will always be part of historical past. There is no succession to those measures that try to end the wine output and also distribution. Instead, the demand for it even became bigger. The best wine beverages all over the world are produced and also developed simply by Southern Michigan wine producers. Annually, the production of wine has grown as the demand has gradually amplified. These wine beverages then are generally exported to different nations worldwide. This is a strong proof that the State of Michigan is among the very best sources for this kind of beverage.

In our internet site:, you’ll be able to gather as well as discover different details as to great Michigan wines.

Intoxicating and Indulging Vacation with Wines from Southwest Michigan

In terms of celebration like New Year, birthday celebrations, Christmas and even any other simple occasion, wines will not be out of place. Wine was connected with the Roman god Bacchus or also called Dionysius for the Greeks, which is known to be the god of joy and merry making. Wine triggers intoxication and will result to such happiness and euphoria. Fundamentally, wine is a product of fermenting grapes or some other form of fruits consisting of different levels of alcohol depending on the fermentation procedure. Grapes are utilize as the main product for making wine because of its ability to make biochemical reaction with yeast then change the sugar into alcohol. The foundation of wine had long been set up since 6000 BC in Georgia. Greeks, Romans and Thrace are previously transporting and drinking the wine because early dealing had been made. Wine perceived as a very important representation for the Eucharistic Celebration of the Roman Catholic, it performs a huge role in religion.

The Origin of Wine

The definition of wine originates from the Latin word “vinum” which implies grapes. Additionally, there are what we call fruit wine which is made from different types of fruits. Grapes are make and have the unique fermented flavor nevertheless, fruit wines do not have the power to ferment accurately caused by certain reason.

Evolution and History of Wine-making

It was believed that the 1st production of wine was during the period of Chalcolithic or Neolithic. Due to the learning done by some archaeologists, it was considered that the forerunner of wine making since that time were Armenia, Georgia and Iran. In an analysis carried out by some students and scientist, wine making had been narrowed down to the Georgia in which most of the containers found had a strong even that wine-making had been discovered for sixty centuries previously. However, pressing of wine for jar making in Iran have went out with for about 4100 BC.

Producing wine were recognized by the Roman Church because of its ceremonial functions. Franciscan Monks had been preserving wine for ages inside the cave and a recently identified menu how white wine was produced from bastardo or also called tainted white wine.

Southwest Michigan’s Wine

The major leading production of wine is the Southwest Michigan. You can view various antique outlets and wineries along its trading centers. Due to the romantic environment folks not merely come for the wine from Southwest Michigan but also to discover its great beauty.

If you are planning to take a trip in Southwest Michigan here are a few of the points you must remember.

* Try to have an over view of the wine trail of Michigan which begins from the Indiana border down to Michigan State. In order to do this you can look for their website and download their maps. * You could make a plan for your journey. Begin from the place that’s most commodious to you. Only adhere to the map. * The very best of this journey, as you progress you can visit at any wine shop and personally taste the flavors of wine from Southwest Michigan. Southwest Michigan is known for its high quality and distinct taste of wine. There are several winery that offer a variety of flavors ranging from grape wine to mouth-watering fruit wine. * Most of the time tourists often purchase a bottle of wine from Southwest Michigan. Furthermore, most stores and winery give discounts on their shoppers however these kinds of wine aren’t easily accessible.

Listed below are a number of one of a kind spots in Southwest Michigan where one can visit:

* You may visit the castle in the country if you desire a bed and breakfast treat vacation. The nearby winery is a Fenn Valley Winery where one can savor the wine from Southwest Michigan. * If you are more of the romantic and spaholics you may take a look at DeLano Mansion. * If you wish to take pleasure in the fragrance of wine and get intoxicated then you can definitely visit to Worthenbury. It is possible to gain access to various wineries because it’s found in the middle of various vineyards.

These are only a number of the few things that you can aquire. Enjoy and relish the taste of wine.

If you would like find out the best Michigan wineries, click here for more details.

Market by the Port in Montevideo

Markets are an amazing part of travelling!! Montevideo has a lot to offer market wise, none more so than the indoor Puerto del Mercado in the Old Town. I loved it!

THis market in Uruguay is the Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo – it is situated down by the Old Town near the harbour and features a good range of Uruguayan style food to suit all tastes! The area is rumoured to be unsafe by night so best to head late afternoon for your feast!

The layout of the market is easy to navigate and it is clean. You find a seat by any restaurant and oder directly from the bar in front. Some bars and restaurants have waitress service. We ate at a place called La Maestranza a barbecue restaurant with a waitress called Natali.

The beer was Patricia – very popular and thirst quenching in Uruguay. You buy beer by the bottle and share it in glasses. This is the cheapest option and the beer doesn’t get too hot quickly. At that time (November 2010), Montevideo was enjoying a hot summer.

You can get a bike to take you there and pay someone to look after your bike, which was actually quite safe!

Take your time to read the menu as there is a lot on it and a fantastic range of meats that you can eat barbecued. We went for Morchillo, Salchincha, Chorizo and Rincon which are all types of beef or pork and you also get bread and sauce to eat with them. It’s all barbecued in front of you as you relax with a beer!

With your barbecued meal you get sauce and some garnish and crackers – you don’t pay for this – it’s free – you only pay for the meat and the beer so leaving a small tip is a good idea.

While we were eating a local TV crew were filming and they came over to ask us questions! This was funny as my Spanish wasn’t very good but we were able to have a chat and talk about a few things! I enjoyed it!

The prices were decent – a 1 litre of beer was 100 pesos and we foundt hat to pick and mix the barbecue food is the best option – variety and a deal by buying in bulk. The menu is fairly easy to read.

The market has an upstairs as well and I just popped up to capture a photo. Our restaurant – La Maestranza. Well recommended. Seriously, as foods of the world go – you will love it! Uruguayan Parrilla (pronounced Parisha by the way). Yum!

To read more stuff like a Barbecue in Montevideo head to Jonny Blair’s insightful site about a lifestyle of travel for funny travel tips and stories.. This article, Market by the Port in Montevideo is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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